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LETTER: Stafford: Listen to Milde next time!

The purpose of this letter is to remind Stafford County residents that they did not have to face a $21.5 million shortfall of funds for the Stafford County school system [“Stafford schools want raises, new hires,” Jan. 29]!

If the School Board had listened to Paul Milde and supporters of the Stafford High School renovation, this serious budget shortfall would not have been an issue for residents, dedicated staff and teachers who need and deserve raises.

The cost of $70 million plus for the new Stafford High versus quality renovations of $38 million would have been a sensible choice. The difference in the proposal would have been approximately $32 million.

The School Board and some of the county supervisors listened to residents who wanted an expensive new facility at the painful cost of all taxpayers and school staff.

It is difficult not to say, “We told you so!” This is so distressing that the drama continues and people selfishly pursue what they want versus what they need at the expense of others. I pray that valuable lessons have been learned from this situation.

Carol Dominy



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