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LETTERS: Beware candidate's political aspirations

Beware candidate’s political aspirations

Hey, Stafford County residents, I have a pre-election quiz for you. Do you know what district within Stafford County you live? Who is your supervisor? Who is your School Board member?

As a mother of a Colonial Forge graduate and a soon-to-be Colonial Forge graduate, I was alarmed as I researched the Hartwood District School Board candidates.

On the one hand, the present School Board member, Holly Hazard, is involved in the schools, and has the roles of parent, PTO leader, school volunteer and policy maker. She understands the big picture within Stafford; that population growth necessitates more schools, that parent involvement is critical, and that students should be the focus.

The other candidate, Eric Herr, is a qualified leader. His website is impressive. But I am afraid that no one told him that this is a nonpartisan position. His whole campaign is a parade of Republican/Tea Party endorsements, photo ops, and lengthy policy proposals. The last time I checked, our children are not required to declare party affiliation. Fundraisers, starting at $100, for a school board member election?

Our School Board deserves someone 100 percent committed to the children entrusted to our public schools, and that is Holly Hazard. Mr. Herr has political aspirations above and beyond the School Board and I fear he is looking too far down the road. Do we want a dedicated, children-focused School Board member or a Tea Party politician?

Helene Domi



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